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The goal of yoga is to be happy.


Never heard of Aquatic Yoga?


That's because it hasn't been offered where most classes gather. It is a new way to practice yoga based on time-tested yoga practices in the Kriya Yoga Tradition and taught by

Certified Aqua Kriya Yoga Instructors.

Once you experience yoga in the water .... you will be amazed at how relaxing, beneficial and enjoyable it is!

An Aquatic yoga practice can be adapted to suit the needs of all from young (a student who started at age 4)

to the multi-generationals .... 

the disabled (multiple schlerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc.) to the pro-athlete ...


No prior yoga or swimming experience is necessary.


Experience the Bliss of Aquatic Yoga ...

call and set an appointment for a private or group lesson ...

(413) 358-8979 .... or email

If you are interested, but not sure just follow Aquatic Yoga on facebook to learn more about it and also at

You can thank me later!

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